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Each session tells its own unique story and therefore planning a session is a very important role of the process. Every client receives a personalized consultation to plan when and where the memories will be captured, whether you're looking for a outdoor scenery as your backdrop or whether you prefer a more studio like style to your portraits. I like to get to know you as a family. What your favorite activities are, if the kids like to roughhouse or if they get along. Every little detail is important to making your session amazing. 


Things to consider when planning your session may be:

  • Outfits! this is always an issue. I recommend staying with solid colors or subtle patterns. We want your smiles to shine. If you are wanting studio style portraits remember light on light, dark on dark. If you want a white background try wearing lighter clothing (whites, creme, yellow, beige) or on a black background wear darker colors (blue, purple, green, grey, black)

  • Think about WHO is being photographed. If there are little ones be prepared with snacks, toys, pacifier, diapers, blanket, etc. These things help insure the session goes more smoothly and make it easier to capture the happy faces.

  • Make it personal! To create a unique session it sometimes helps if you add your own personality. Baby's favorite toy or blanket, your teen's instrument or sports gear, or the engagement ring or bouquet from your wedding. all of these things tell a special story.




Newborn Session

     Newborn Portraits are one of the most precious keepsakes in a parent's life. Capturing those moments is no easy task, but planning ahead and being prepared can take a lot of pressure off of the experience.  It starts with scheduling the session early. The ideal time to have your session is within the first week or so. This is when your baby is most cooperative. They spend most of their time eating and sleeping. After about a week or so the baby's arms and legs become less limber, making it more difficult to capture those perfect poses.


Next thing to think about is when is your baby most happy? Try to schedule your session around baby's nappng and feeding time. My recommendation is to wait on feeding til right before the portraits are taken. Extra time prior to the session to make sure baby is nice and comfortable is always encouraged.


Dont forget about you! The parents are one of the most important parts of Newborn Portraits. I know you are tired from all the effort of bringing baby into this world, but dont forget that those intimate moments between mother and child are ones you will never want to forget. Or when baby holds daddy's hand for the first time. At the very least treat your hands to a little pampering beforehand just in case I need to borrow one to get that perfect shot.


And don't forget about milestones! The most common ones are 3/6/9 months and its important to schedule those as well ahead of time before life gets too crazy. 

Children & Family Sessions

     Photographing children is something that can seem stressful for the parents at times. Just remember to stay calm. Even if you have rambunctious kiddos I try to use their energy to work in my favor to capture more natural smiles and expressions. It makes for a more unique look to your portraits and makes your family portraits special. Here are some things to come prepared with:


  • Snacks to keep their tummies happy in downtime. Happy tummy= Happy smiles

  • Something fun they like to play with. Even if they do not have a long attention span often times those candid moments make great portraits

  • The outfit of course! make sure its all there. I know this sounds like a no brainer but often times in our haste we forget to grab a shoe or bowtie or headband on our way out the door. If you do happen to forget something we can always improvise. I try to have essential supplies handy just in case. 

  • Your smile! I know we are photographing your little one but be prepared to join in if your child becomes uncooperative or shy. Dress to match them just in case you need to play pattycake or read them a story to calm them down. Those parent involvements are a great opportunity to snap a priceless image.

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